As experts for the luxury product cashmere, we are able to manufacture the highest quality of cashmere in hand-picked spinning and weaving mills. Owing to our close and well-established cooperation with renowned manufacturers, we can rely on the premium quality of the yarns supplied: cashmere from Mongolia, merino from Australia and cotton from Egypt are selected according to the consistently high standard and are examined during the regular on-site inspections.

Employing our self-developed innovative knitting and weaving techniques, we create striking and remarkable patterns which allow our products to meet even the highest standards. Each collection is comprised of a perfectly harmonious product palette, in which all colors and designs complement our unique signature pieces.



Delicate and fine natural fibers require particularly high-quality care.

We therefore recommend careful washing over chemical cleaning for our valuable cashmere pieces.

We have developed the perfect cashmere wash lotion for our HEMISPHERE collections in a long series of trials with leading laboratories. It cleans the fibers gently and preserves the vibrant colors, the suppleness, and the fine structures so that you have endless pleasure with your favorite piece.





Care Instructions

How frequently should I wash my cashmere jumper? That depends on how frequently you wear it. You should wash it at least after every fourth time of usage. In between it is sufficient to put your
cashmere jumper outside overnight in order to
refresh the fibres.

Machine or hand washing? Machine washing (wool program) is better than hand washing. Preferably wash with cool water and make sure to use the lowest spin cycle speed.

Hand washing Use lukewarm water only and do not leave the jumper any longer in the water than necessary. Rinse it with clean water several times – do not wring, instead carefully press and roll into a towel. Important! Absolutely no chemicals!

How can I get rid of pilling? We recommend the Hemisphere comb. With the help of this tool pilling can be removed.

Which detergent should I use? We recommend our Hemisphere Cashmere Lotion, which has been developed especially for both cashmere as well as cashmere silk. Please do not use any softener, it is harmful to cashmere.

How do I dry cashmere? We suggest to slightly dry the jumper in the dryer. Therefore cold air should be used for a maximum of 30 minutes, afterwards let it dry flat.

How do I handle stains? Please neither soak nor comb the pullover, otherwise it might mat. Preferably apply a small amount of pure Hemisphere
 Cashmere Lotion onto the stain and wash it.

Where is Cashmere kept best? Keep it in a dark and cool place. Do not hang it. It is recommendable to keep it in a closable plastic bag. That way you make sure it is safe from moths.